Brian Offenberger Top Rated Marketing & Sales Keynote Speaker Brian Offenberger Top Rated Marketing & Sales Keynote Speaker

Marketing and Sales Keynote Speeches

Audiences are highly energized to achieve and motivated to act on Brian's ideas, strategies and tactics. Brian delivers high impact results, which is why 97% of his clients bring him back for repeat appearances.

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Brian's marketing and sales keynote speeches are about the one thing all businesses and salespeople have in common – the need for new customers and more sales. Audiences laugh while they learn. They apply Brian's ideas for better results.

Brian has keynote speeches about marketing that are ideal for business owners, senior managers and marketing personnel. He also has keynote speeches for sales that are ideal for salespeople, sales managers, sales management, general management and owners.

Brian has delivered more than 800 keynote presentations for just about every type of association and corporation in existence. He customizes his presentations to your audience and industry in memorable ways that make lasting impacts.

15 Lead Generation Tips That Rock

Specific content customized for either marketing or sales

Need more sales leads? Then you are sure to benefit as lead generation expert Brian Offenberger shares 15 of his top tips to generate more sales leads right away.

In this high impact session you'll learn how to:

  • Get more sales leads from the internet.
  • Leverage the marketing dollars of others to get leads for YOUR company!
  • Generate leads from social media.
  • Sell more to existing customers.

This isn't the "same old, same old" approach to generating leads used by your granddad. It's fresh, effective, and innovative approaches that work in the internet, smartphone, social media era. Brian brings a wealth of new world lead generation experience that can be used by any company, regardless of size or business model.

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Sales Management 3.0: Sales Leadership in the Internet Era

Ideal for sales managers, sales executives, company owners, CEO

Is your sales department a safe haven for underachievers? It's been estimated that only 57% of all salespeople meet their quota. What does it take in today's era to lead sales teams and salespeople to their maximum levels of performance?

In this high value keynote, you'll discover proven tactics that move sales teams and individuals from good to great! Get real examples of what works so sales teams reach their maximum level of performance. In this session you'll learn:

  • The # 1 mistake leaders make when managing salespeople
  • Tips to get better performance from salespeople
  • Resources to help improve salesperson performance
  • Meaningful ways to measure impacts and performance improvements

This provocative keynote examines the behaviors and tactics necessary for sales leadership success in today's ultracompetitive environment.

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How to Get Top Search Engine Rankings in Local Markets

Relevant to company owners, CEOs, and marketing personnel

With nine out of 10 consumers using search engines to make a purchase, top search engine rankings in your local market are of prime importance. In this high-impact session, you'll discover how your company can soar to the top spots on Google and other search engines. Ideal for companies in single or multiple markets, this session shows you:

  • A 6-step process to get top search engine rankings in local markets.
  • How to dominate Google maps.
  • Four easy ways to get more positive online reviews.
  • Specific free or low cost actions anyone can take for higher local market search engine rankings.
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Social Selling: 9 Steps to a Profitable Social Selling Strategy

Perfect for salespeople, sales leadership, company owners and CEOs

How can salespeople use social media to generate more leads and make more sales? You'll discover how in this practical and relevant session of high value actions to generate more leads and make more sales using social media.

Filled with real world examples and ready to use templates, salespeople and sales organizations will learn how to use social media to identify and engage highly value prospects on social media. Using a 9 step process, you'll learn the exact actions, tools and resources to use social media as a gateway to better sales.

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10 Tips for Better Sales Results

Geared to salespeople, sales managers, sales leadership, company owners and CEOs

What things can you do to sell more? In this highly popular keynote speech, Brian attacks traditional sales behaviors by offering simple truths in a thought provoking and hilarious style.

Brian's realistic approach to better sales results will work for anyone, at any time, and in any business. His underlying theme is that WORK is the key to better results and he weaves this theme throughout his discussion. The principles covered are the foundations of success for salespeople in today's fast-paced society. This speech makes salespeople think and laugh – but most of all it compels them to take actions resulting in better sales results with higher degrees of job satisfaction.

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More You Should Know

There are many ways Brian can help you maximize the impact of your event. His pre-event, post-event, and on-going attendee support activities can help make a huge difference. Brian can:

  • Create promotional videos to drive attendance.
  • Participate in trade publication interviews for promotional articles.
  • Do special "one-on-one" sessions with your attendees.
  • Engage in online forums and discussion groups.
  • Develop online follow up programs to continue attendee learning and development.
  • Be a "dinner prize" to an attendee or organization.
  • What are your ideas?

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